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Club leader

My name is Lucie Plevová and I'm training dogs for 17 years. I started to play dogdancing
with my first dog (Bety-mix). After i got my first Border Collie his name is Garp.
With Garp i play dogdancing and dogfrisbee. I have been done so many competitions in
dogdancing and dogfrisbee and so many demonstrations with all my dogs.
We went around the World (Czech, Slovakia, Gemany, Spain, Poland, Kanada, USA, Texas,
Indiana Polis,Japan, England, Denmark, Brazil, Korea, China...).
I was living in Czech Republic 25 years and now i live in Japan for 5 years.
In Japan my work is specialist for dogsports. Japan gave me so much. I could learn how to
make dog condition from Sled Dog and how to be really tough. This sports is

so hard and so exciting.
I would love to share my experience with people in the World.
I think my work is the best in the World and also really hard but i love it

Competitions in another country

We are making tour in all countries!!!
You can compete and visit many countries.



Let's train and grow this sport all together.
I would like to show how to train dogs and my 
methods. All about training how to register for 
training you can find on pages (Clinic, Seminar,


Contact email: lucie.carrly@seznam.cz

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