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Trick class level 1

Spin & Circle (4 turns)
Weave 10m
Heelwork 10m
Original trick or 8second focus


Trick class level 2

Spin & Circle- (4 turns) small sign
Weave -10m small signal(one comand)
Pivot -1 turn 360 degree
Heelwork- 7cones slalom
Free position- in circle
Around- one command
Backward- one command


Trick class level 3

Spin & Circle- distance 1m
Weave - Person is moving backward
Heelwork- Backward
Free position- 4 curves
Side walk- any side but infront
Free position - Human pivot
Back around


Who pass exams level 3 will get titull Master of Basic Tricks!!!

Trick class level 4

Heel left Side Walk 5m
Center position walk front 10m
Watch position
Rivers(Backward wave) 10m
Distance Sit pretty 1m
Over arm 4x



Trick class level 5

Stand on hind legs(1,5m)
Walk in watch position(3m)
Center position backward(1,5m
Heelwork in square.
Distance roll 2x

Paws in distance
Half pivot from left to right


Trick class level 6


Who pass exams levels 6 will get titull Master of Advance Tricks!!!

Trick class level 7


Trick class level 8


Trick class level 9


Who pass exams all levels 9 will get titull Champion of Tricks Class!!!
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