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Clinic's contents is up to people what they want to learn. Please tell me your tema and plan what do you want to teach to your dog and what do you want to learn and i will set the training for it. 
Clinic time is 15 minutes.
You can book clinic if click on button. The best way is send message to my messenger on Facebook. 
My answer will come up to time.

Video Clinic- You can send me your video and i will send you on your messenger or email my advices.

Stamp card
(only LKC members)-28000,-¥
15minutes clinic
LKC member- 3700¥
Non LKC member- 9300¥​
Video clinic
LKC member- 5500¥​
Non LKC member- video clinic is only for LKC member out of Kanto area and when i'm not in Japan for Kanto area too!!!

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