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All Events are done in summer season.  Step by step photos
of Step & Fly Crowns are adding to Events Gallery.
Next on the plan is heading to OEC with Chiharu Shimizu & Lingo , Kayoko Takeuchi & Leon, Lucie Plevova & Phoenix!!!

Date for Step & Fly Crowns was decided!! 
Date is 7/23-24!!! 
And member page was update it!! 
New page is on the website Events Gallery!!! Look there 
Photos from SpotLightCup was uploaded!! 

Events Gallery

On 12 and 13 February will be seminar in CaBotcha. Please read all information in calendar!!

After longer time there was not update about in this website but now here we go. In almost one week is coming SpotLightCup 2021!!! And we have honor to have Pam Martin as judge!! 
It will be live online. And one more news is about new training vests!!! It will help to our training make it better and smoother. 
Soon it will be for sale now you can watch them in new page here.


We have now so many up coming events!!!
Please check all calendar! Calendar have been updated.
And also step by step all who passed exam trick class will
upload on this website in new section Exams!!! 
Price also have been updated.
Let's enjoy together 2021 year!


LKC member                                LKC member                         LKC member
This year representation from Japan at 
           Dogdance (29 Sep- 2 Oct.)
Open European Championship 2022!!!!
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